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About Avalon Farm

About Avalon Farm

It’s about finding the best horse for amateurs. The right fit means a happy horse & rider.

It’s always been my belief, give someone an honest representation and a good match of horse & rider and both horse and human will find fulfillment, the ultimate quest and the best plan for a happy, healthy future for our horses.

Gerrit & meAvalon Farm, located in the heart of Reno, Nevada, began importing Friesians for dressage in 2003 and has since added other Warmbloods to its stables. My focus was, and is finding the best horse for amateurs because the right fit means a happy horse & rider.  What began as a desire to find the best quality Friesian sport horse has turned into a passion for not only finding quality but also the best in temperament and character, thus helping build confidence for the amateur rider.  That confidence goes a long way to inspire our riding. I speak from experience as an amateur rider, looking for a horse that I can ride, show, and feel confident that I can do this, trusting my horse as a partner in a lifelong endeavor to become a better rider.  It takes an understanding of what makes a truly amateur friendly horse and then matching that horse with the right rider. 

Since opening Avalon Farm (originally Avalon Friesians), I’ve looked for the best horse for the amateur rider by focusing on temperament and ridability as the top priorities, as well as suitability for dressage. This pursuit began with Friesians, well known for a wonderful character & temperament, and continues for amateur friendly temperaments in Warmbloods. In our training process, the character of each horse as an individual becomes clear, giving us the information needed to fit you, the amateur rider, to that ‘just right’ amateur’s horse.  This means a happy horse and rider for the long run, which for me is the definition of success!